10 Tips for an Eco Friendly Road Trip


Daren & I just finished our road trip from Port Townsend to Oakland and I’m excited to share our trip with all of you. As the week goes on I’ll be talking about some of the paleo snacks we munched on, places we stopped, and puppy friendly accommodations along the way. Today I’m outlining my essentials for an eco friendly road trip.





Keep 1 pint size wide mouth ball jar available for each person on your trip. I also like to carry 1 quart size wide mouth jar incase any mixing needs to happen. Jars are great as cups, bowls, storage, etc. They’re cheap so if they break or get left behind, it’s not a big loss. I use jars so much while we’re on the road. Sometimes I like to keep the larger jar full of water for cleaning hands or wiping spills.


If you participated in the WR Six Month Mindful Living Challenge you should already have a set of travel silverware. If you didn’t invest in a set. They’re great to always have on you, especially on the road. The set Daren & I have are aluminum with holes at the end that connect to a carabiner. I like to wrap mine in a cloth napkin to keep from getting dirty in my purse which also doubles as a towel when I’m eating. If you don’t want to invest in a set, bring some silverware from home or buy some from the thrift store and keep them in the car.


Keep 1 XL water bottle in the car and a bottle for each person on the trip. Daren and I have a 64 oz Klean Kanteen that we keep full of water in the car. That’s our water reserve on the road. We each keep a smaller bottle to drink from and fill from the large bottle when we run out. Staying hydrated on the road is the hardest part of road trips.


Keep a travel mug in the car. There’s no need to waste paper cups each time you stop for some java. I’m a big fan of the JOCO glass travel mug.


Before you leave fill a bottle with 1:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil. This solution works great for cleaning off dishes, silverware, plates, and cups without the need for water. It disinfects and smells great. It also works for any spills that happen inside of the car.


If you have a restricted diet or eat mindfully stock up on your favorite snacks before you start your trip. I love Steve’s Paleo Goods [look out for a feature on them this week!] for easy meals on the road. Homemade granola bars and rice cakes with nut butter are great options for easy breakfast & snacks. We stocked up on granola & jerky from Steve’s Paleo Goods before we left. The jerky is the best! Perfect for a quick lunch.


Invest in a reusable car garbage bag. It’s extremely useful during road trips and normal life. We have one from Etsy and it works great. There’s a loop that ties around the gear stick in the center console so the bag is always in easy reach. We lined our bag with a compostable plastic garbage bag that we emptied & reused throughout the entire trip.


Keep a few sized of towels handy in the car. Smaller sizes are perfect for napkins, and hand washing, while the larger towels sop up spills and wipe down dirty dishes. Designate a reusable shopping bag as a dirty towel bag.


There are a few options for plates on the road that you won’t have to worry about breaking. I like to keep plates handy incase we stop at a food truck. Personally I think aluminum plates are the best option because they’re not disposable, but bamboo plates and these Preserve plastic plates made from recycled number five plastic offer a cheaper alternative.

10. PLAN

 Avoid rest stops on the road by planning ahead. We all know everything they serve is overly processed and full of junk. Instead plan out your route and find little restaurants along the way. Look for the small local joints that are unique to the area you’re traveling. Food trucks are also an awesome option for road food. It may add a little time to your trip, but your body will thank you in the end.

3 thoughts on “10 Tips for an Eco Friendly Road Trip

  1. Great tips, thank you! I have travel cutlery and a travel mug, though it’s made of plastic, which is not an environmental concern I had back when I bought it. I like the idea of a glass travel mug, but I’d be scared of it breaking! I try to pack my own lunch when I can, but thats pretty much it. These tips will be helpful in the future, I’m sure :)

    • Awesome! Thanks for the positive feedback! I’m so glad they can help. The JOCO cups are the strongest glass coffee mugs I’ve found, but breakage is still a possibility. Happy travels!!

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